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Diaphragm Pump

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Brand New 12V 40PSI Diaphragm Pump High-Pressure Water

Application: Sprayer fixtures Clean machine, Humidifier, Water purification, Medical apparatus Diaphragm Submersible Pump Auto Pressurized Water System for Yacht, Boat, Caravan, Motor Home, Industry, RV, Marine and Agriculture pumps. Car Wash, deck wash, Showering, toilet and vanity; Agriculture High Pressure, Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment

  • Brand New Diaphragm Pump Runs Dry Without Damage.
  • Easy Connecting System.
  • Smooth Operation
  • Silent Running and Self priming
  • Easy Connecting System

Specs: Voltage: 12 V Maximum output: 17 l / min Service life: about 30,000 hours Heat resistance: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° Maximum pressure of the water pump: 40 PSI Noise: 40dB max

Features: Small but strong; low consumption and high efficiency;

Safety – without spark, explosion-proof; low noise level 40dB Max; Power variety: DC Electric source, battery or solar panel; Pressure protection can protect the water Pump from power failure and reverse flow.

Applications: Solar fountain, tabletop Water Fountain, arts and crafts; Coffee machine; Drinking machine; Tea making machine; Washing machine; Hot water, circulation, pool, shower; Computer water cooling system; Air conditioning, soy culture; Water pressure, etc.

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Diaphragm Pump

$91.99$105.00 (incl. tax) (-12%)

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