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Dog Grooming Pet Clipper Trimmer

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Professional 200W High Power Pet Clippers Dog shavers Cattle Rabbits Shaver Pet Grooming Electric Hair Clipper Machine

Name: 200w Pet Clippers Specifications: Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC12V Max 200W Material: Wood Color: Multicolor Top blade: 30 teeth Bottom blade: 35 teeth Speed: 2000 RPM-6000RMP Weight: 250g

Features: -Specially designed blade-tip: won’t hurt the sheep -Easy to clean -Good toughness blade -Sharp, easily to reach livestock’s fur -Light weight: can operational by single hand -There are Two combos and each has Two size -The four sizes: 3mm, 6,mm, 9mm and 12mm

Pet Clippers Applicable to: dogs, rabbits, mules, horses, sheep, cattle, chihuahua , Poodle, Canice, standard schnauzer terrier , beagle, Rottweiler , miniature pinscher , Chow Chow, Yorkshire terrier , Labrador retriever , Shih Tzu , Pug , English cocker spaniel , golden retriever , German shepherd dog , Samoyed, Pomeranian, miniature schnauzer terrier ,rough collie , chow chow , Pekingese , Alaskan malamute , Shetland sheepdog , cocker spaniel , old English sheepdog , bichon fries , Italian greyhound , Papillion, border collie, Afghan hound. and sheep, horse.

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Dog Grooming Pet Clipper Trimmer

$76.98$90.00 (incl. tax) (-14%)

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