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SONY TV Remote Control

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If you find out this is not the lowest price in New Zealand, please let me know, thank you! 3631801 Amazing Price! Retail and Wholesale.

This auction is for one Brand new Replacement Compatible Universal Remote Control RM-L1165 For Sony LCD LED TV Bravia RM-YD102 RM-YD103

This product is not made by SONY but can be used as a replacement Compatible product.

100% new,High-grade remote control, suitable for SONY LCD LED TV No needs to program and pair, just insert the batteries and press A replacement remote control units and will work as well as the originals. Perfect to replace your broken or old one.

Material:ABS. Battery: 2xAAA battery (excluding) Size: 2004515mm Remote Range: More than 8m

Compatible with RM-1028/RM-EA002/RM-EA006/RM-ED007/RM-ED009/RM-D011/RM-D011­­W/RM-D012/ RM-D013/RM-D014/RM-D033­/RM-GA005/RM-GA008/RM-GA009/RM-GA­­019/RM-SA007/ RM-W102/RM-W105/RM-W­109/RM-Y1109/RM-Y135A//RM-Y136/R­­M-Y139/RM-Y1167/RM-Y169/RM-Y181/R­­M-Y916/RM-YA006/RM-YD005RM-YD017/­­RM-YD018/RM-YD021/RM-YD025/RM-YD0­­26/RM-YD028/RM-YD035/RM-W112/RM-2­­092/RM-2910/RM-2918//RM-656A//RM-­­677/RM-677C/RM-681/RM-687C//RM-76­­8/RM-791/RM-816/RM-817/RM-821/RM-­­826//RM-827B/C/RM-827S/T/RM-830/R­­M-831/RM-832/RM-833/RM-834/RM-836­­/RM-837/RM-838//RM-839/RM-841//RM­­-842/RM-845P/S//RM-849S/T//RM-857­­/RM-857/A//RM-858//RM-859/RM-861/­­RM-862/RM-869/RM-870/RM-871/RM-87­­3/RM-878/RM-881/RM-883/RM-887/RM-­­889/RM-890/RM-891 and more…

Package Included 1 x Remote Controller (without battery)

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SONY TV Remote Control

$9.09$15.00 (incl. tax) (-39%)

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