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Instrument playing/ Musical paly mat

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This auction for one instrument playing mat.

-wonderful music helps improve your baby hearing system and learn about musical instruments. -the flexibility of the leg movement exerices the boby muscle and enhances their body co-ordination. -exercise the baby hand and co-ordination. -the mat-design full protects the baby safety.

Education purpose:

  • Thinking ability: develop the baby’s thinking and logic ability.
  • Movement ability: move the baby’s fingers and toes to exerise the body co-ordination.
  • Language skill: enable the baby’s language ability.
  • Artistic training: Improve baby’s sensation of color, shapes and the music rhythm.
  • Feeling: Evoke baby’s vision, hearing and touching.

Features: keyboard, violine, guitar, saxophone, drum, boy or girl pop song, and with colorful lights.

Mat size: 70490.6CM

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Instrument playing/ Musical paly mat

$29.00$50.00 (incl. tax) (-42%)

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