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L – Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Support Belt

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Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Support Belt L

  • Front closure design for easy wear
  • Separate thoracic pad zone
  • Material: neoprene
  • Sizes: L
  • Includes: 1 x magnetic therapy posture corrector Sizing Information:
  • M (LWD): Dimensions: 78-89 cm adjustable waistline, 180cm cm height

This is a product that can keep your shoulder in the right position and therefore helps to take the burden off the middle and lower area of the spine. It is ideal for providing strong support and preventing slouching. – Correct standing, sitting and walking posture. – Prevent deformation of spinal column. – Ease human body fatigued. – Contribute to growing development. – Make your waist and backstay straight. – Reducing lower back pain, slouching and hunching. – Ideal for helping children and middle-aged and senior people to correct posture – Suggested for conditions like osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, pectus excavatum, scoliosis, kyphosis, lumbago, radiculitis – Colour: Black – Size : Package Include: – 1 x Back Support Brace

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L - Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Support Belt

$22.00$34.00 (incl. tax) (-35%)

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