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Dog Ultrasonic Stop Bark

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This auction is for one Brand New Pet/Dog Ultrasonic Outdoor Stop Bark Anti Barking Control system. I have used it for my two boisterous dogs(West Highland White Terrier ), it’s really worked. it resolves my and my neighbor’s big problem. This is the product I have been looking for since long ago.

The Ultrasonic Bark Control System can hang in a tree, on a fence post, or anywhere outside. When the Ultrasonic Bark Control Birdhouse detects excessive barking, the microphone picks up the barking and activates the unit. This results in a safe high pitch ultrasonic sound that is audible to dogs, but not to humans. The offending dog hears the sound and will stop barking. Since it is unpleasant to the dog, the dog learns to stop barking!

Features: It’s waterproof outdoor products. Uses ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking. Internal microphone used to detect barks up to 50 feet. 4 levels of operation, including a test mode, low, medium and high mode. Two color LED for good and low battery indication. Deter barking dogs on camping trips. Stop the barking dogs and train puppies not to bark.


Color: Brown

Material: Plastic Power: one 9V Battery (Battery is not included)

Storage Temperature: 0~45?

LED Color: Green / Red Modes: T: Verify the microphone and speaker are functional 1: Low range(Up to 15 feet) 2: Medium range(Up to 30 feet) 3: High range(Up to 50 feet) Item Size: Approx. 15.5 * 15.5 * 16.5cm / 6.1 * 6.1 * 6.5in (L * W * H) Item Weight: 226g / 7.98oz Package Size: 13.3 * 13.3 * 17cm / 5.24 * 5.24 * 6.7in (L * W * H) Package Weight: 341g / 12.04oz

Note: Not for use by children. The product will not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs. Human cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, however precautions should be taken when preparing the outdoor bark control for use.

  • One year warranty

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Dog Ultrasonic Stop Bark

$34.80$50.00 (incl. tax) (-30%)

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